Adult Counseling Services

Turning Point, Inc. Adult Counseling Services provide support for any individual whose past or current life and day-to-day functioning has been impacted by domestic violence. All adult counseling services are free.


Any individual whose life functioning has been directly impacted by domestic violence, including:

  • Anyone currently experiencing any form of abuse.
  • Anyone currently experiencing abuse from an ex-spouse or former partner.
  • Someone who is feeling unsafe in a relationship, wanting to leave or planning to stay.
  • Someone concerned about abuse warning signs or escalating altercations.


  • Individual counseling by certified domestic violence advocates.
  • Drop-in support groups are a safe place to share experiences and process emotions. Groups are offered in English and Spanish.
  • Trauma Recovery and Empowerment (TREM) groups.

For drop-in support groups and TREM groups registration paperwork is required before attending.


  • Emotional Support
  • Coping Skills
  • Safety Planning
  • Decision-making
  • Education on Domestic Violence
  • Recognizing the Signs of Domestic Violence
  • Referrals to Other Services

What Services Are Best For Me?

Call our Helpline 815-338-8081

24/7 Hotline (815) 338-8081

Thank you for your commitment to women like myself.

Group Counseling Client

I love group counseling and I get a lot of good feedback. I also attend individual counseling. My kids do both as well. It is really helping us deal with the issues we have endured.

Individual Counseling Client

Thanks to ALL who make Turning Point possible. My life is changed and better for it.

Group Counseling Client

Non-judgmental, compassionate staff. I feel safe and understood here.

Individual Counseling Client

Now I know I can get help from places like Turning Point

Group Counseling Client