Bilingual/Bi-Cultural Services

We offer multidisciplinary services ranging from adult, teen, and children’s counseling and support groups to the Partner Abuse Intervention Program and advocacy surrounding orders of protection, referrals for immigration services, divorce and custody arrangements, and more.


Any individual whose life and day-to-day functioning has been directly impacted by domestic violence, including those who are:

  • Currently experiencing abuse in a relationship. Abuse can be emotional, verbal, sexual, physical and/or financial.
  • Feeling unsafe in a relationship, whether you want to leave or not.
  • Still experiencing ongoing abuse from an ex-spouse or former partner.
  • Concerned about abuse warning signs or escalating altercations in a relationship


  • Free, drop-in support groups
  • We also offer free individual counseling by certified domestic violence advocates who offer emotional support, safety planning, education, and service referrals that may include:
    • Explaining the U.S. court process to clients who don’t understand this legal system, since it often works totally different from their country.
    • Providing clients with insight on and letters to assist in immigration process for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), U-Visa, and/or T-Visa.
    • Resource assistance depending on legal status and referrals to the Mexican Consulate or other providers for those who don’t have documentation often required by other agencies

Turning Point welcomes individuals of all citizenship and immigration statuses, ages, genders, races, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientations, religions, and nationalities. A Spanish-speaking advocate is available 24/7.

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