Are You Being Abused?

The following behaviors are controlling and abusive. If you answer yes to even two or three of these, you may be involved in an abusive relationship.


Has your partner ever…

  • Called you names or verbally humiliated you?
  • Intimidated or threatened you?
  • Not allowed you to use the phone or the car?
  • Used guilt to manipulate you (“If you loved me, you would…”)?
  • Threatened to leave or have an affair if you do not comply?
  • Accused, degraded, or embarrassed you?
  • Isolated or ignored you as punishment?
  • Threatened to harm you, your family members, or your pets?
  • Threatened you with a weapon?
  • Kept you from family and/or friends?
  • Monitored your actions or behaviors?
  • Neglected you?
  • Subjected you to reckless driving?
  • Blamed you for abusive incidents?
  • Consistently ignored your feelings?


Has your partner ever…

  • Controlled all the family money?
  • Questioned you about every small expense?
  • Taken money from you?
  • Lied to you about money?
  • Refused to buy necessities like food?
  • Kept secret accounts?
  • Spent money needed for food or drugs, alcohol, or things he wanted?
  • Refused to allow you to work?
  • Caused you to lose your job by making trouble?
  • Refused to include you in financial decisions?


Has your partner ever…

  • Forced you to have sex?
  • Forced you to have oral sex?
  • Withheld sex to punish you?
  • Intentionally hurt you during sex?
  • Made what you considered kinky demands?
  • Raped you?
  • Threatened sexual violence?
  • Committed incest?
  • Forced your involvement in sexual pornography?


Has your partner ever…

  • Broken, thrown, or destroyed things when he was angry?
  • Pushed or shoved you?
  • Slapped you?
  • Pulled your hair?
  • Punched or bitten you?
  • Choked, strangled, or suffocated you?
  • Pushed you down stairs?
  • Confined you?
  • Burned you?
  • Used weapons against you?
  • Spit on you?
  • Hit you with an object?
  • Kicked you?
  • Locked you out or in?
  • Stalked you?
  • Harmed your pets?
  • Punched holes in walls or doors?